Evercoat delivers a plethora of different automotive paints and car paints products that ensure maximum quality when it comes to automotive coating. The extensive collection of fillers, for instance, is aimed at helping car owners remove the unevenness of the substrates and achieve maximum leveling regardless of the surface of the area. The clearcoat products, on the other hand, are perfect for adding extra gloss to the surface of the car, as well as for making it more resistant in front of chemicals and harsh weather conditions. 
The primers offered by Evercoat dry very fast and they are very versatile, as they can be applied not only to aluminum and cold steel but to stainless steel as well, in order to prevent corrosion. Moreover, some types of primers even have scratch filling properties. Tinters, on the other hand, offer great coverage and they are perfect for refinishing paints, while binders aim to help you give your car a solid color refinishing and to improve the durability of the paint. Thinners are used to enhance the color of the car and their quality is the same as the quality of top-notch acrylic thinners. Moreover, the thinners are perfect for color coats, clear coats, basecoats and such.