About Us

Since our incorporation in 1978 as EverCoat, we innovated and introduced a wide range of automotive-related refinish paints, specialty coatings and paint solutions that enhance and preserve the appearance of automobiles of all types. As a reflection of our growth over the years, 2003 saw the growth of our subsidiary, EverCoat Industries Sdn Bhd, which serves the fast-expanding international segment of our business.

As a whole, we play a leading role in catering to the car refinish sector, as well as supplying to the Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM) and industrial markets. Our high performance products are developed according to the strictest standards, and as a result each motor vehicle bearing our coats of paints boasts a polished, high-quality look and feel. Demand for our products grows exponentially with each passing year, and with our staff of over 100, we satisfy the needs and desires of consumers across Malaysia, as well as markets in Asia, the Middle East and Africa.